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About Us

Alaya means many things in many different languages. Everything from happiness, sublime, heavenly, beautiful and harmony to the storehouse of consciousness and the subconscious source of all experience.

To us, it is the feeling of being at home.

Alaya is the realization of our family dream: to create an intentionally-curated space and experience for people to connect with each other, with Mother Earth and with their true, exquisite essence.

The experience of creating Alaya, for us, has been an experience in living the values of Alaya itself: Connection, Evolution, Sustainability.

What began as an untamed piece of the jungle, has grown and evolved into the Alaya that you see today. We lived on this land as it expanded to hold more than just us, as it became the space for many to come and get in touch with their deepest truth.

The design and the ethos of Alaya are centered around the seven chakras: The inclusion of all of our energy centers and the constant devotion to balance and growth. In communion with the land, we asked permission to create our dream here and blessed the seven chakras across the land before we began building.

We celebrate the wildness of this place and are committed to listening to this land with our permaculture projects and sustainability initiatives.

In our own travels and studies, we have experienced the benefits of learning about many diverse wellbeing modalities. Our vision is that Alaya is the meeting place of a wide range of philosophies and practices: yoga, meditation, ayurveda, breathwork, reiki, massage and more.

Through the exploration of all we have to offer, we hope you plant the precious seeds of your next beginning.

The beginning of the change you desire The beginning of your next evolution The beginning of a more fertile, rich and embodied life.

As you experience Alaya on vacation or during a retreat, we hope you feel the love of this land, our team and our family.

Sebastien, Sol and Mattieu Comte